B. Seebohm Rowntree   C.H., LL.D., D.H.L., R.St.O.O. 
1871 -1954

In Memoriam

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Labour and Production Director

IT was thought that the feeling of this meeting and the spirit of the tributes paid might fittingly be summed up in a minute; I have therefore drafted the following minute :-

"We have met together here this afternoon to honour the memory of B.S.R. and his life and work, and his outstanding contribution to the progress and welfare of the Cocoa Works and of the industrial community generally.

"We have recalled the years when he worked among us as an admired leader and a beloved colleague and friend, and his ideals and aims, his constructive achievements, and the strong and inspiring influence of his personal leadership.

"We have remembered the principle upon which so much of his work I and thinking rested, which was that industry, to give its best service to the community, must, in addition to striving for greater technical efficiency, provide for the men and women and young people working in it a fuller opportunity to share both in its rewards and in its responsibilities.

"We have been reminded that he influenced the pattern and pace of progress in the field of human relations in industry far beyond the limits of the Cocoa Works by his practical demonstration here of what could be done, by his books and other writings, and by his public addresses at home and overseas.

"Finally, with renewed understanding of the vision, faith, fore- thought and enterprise which he brought to the building of the fabric of human relationships at the Cocoa Works, we who are here this afternoon will go forward to meet the opportunities and difficulties of today and tomorrow resolved that his labour shall not I have been in vain."