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Agostino Aglio


Taken from a handwritten summary of his life by Augustine Aglio (junior)                          English
ABECEDARIO BIOGRAFICO DEI PITTORI .....by Giuseppe Grasselli                   Italian
Translation of ABECEDARIO   by Giuseppe Grasselli  1827 with notes                                English  
Biography of Agostino Aglio Senior by FEDERICO SACCHI     as HTML                                    Italian
Biography of Agostino Aglio Senior by FEDERICO SACCHI     as a PDF file       45Mg                 Italian
English Translation of Sacchi  Biography
A Dynasty of Artists based on the work by Marian Aglio Dibdin
Article by Yockney about the Aglio Family
Selection of  Biographical Notes from the Internet

William Joseph Dibdin 

Samuel Begg Autobiography
George Rowntree Reminiscences
Guise -Giese Family Researched Family History 

Joan Dibdin and Guise Family

During and after WW2 - Three Lives 1939-1950
Peter Dibdin Traumatic Years for Peter and Joan  1933 -1941
Fred Rowntree and Family  In the early 20th century 
Colin Rowntree in WW1
Paul Rowntree 
Paul Rowntree Homepage
Communiques from WW2 London Blitz
Carlile Family Diary from the Carlile Girls
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