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Family Tree showing connection
Dibdin-Aglio-Jones-Heseltine-Tetley and others


Thomas Colman Dibdin

Rev William Taylor Jones Signicant member of the Jones Tetley Family
Ann Alice Jones Sister of Rev W.T. Jones married to T.C.Dibdin
Robert Lowes Dibdin Son of T.C.Dibdin - Went to Australia buying gold -
educated bu Rev.W.T.Jones - see Framlington Story
William Heseltine Married Eve Mary Dibdin     - WW1 photo  - his son William was taught by Rev.W.T.Jones son, William Taylor Jones see Framlington Story
Montague Severn Married Fanny Alice Dibdin  - WW1 photo
William Joseph Dibdin Son of T.C.Dibdin - Engineer - married Marian Aglio
Marian Aglio Daughter of Augustine Aglio, Granddaughter of Agostino Aglio from Cremona
Agostino Aglio Artist and engraver
Augustine Aglio Artist photographer
John Absolon Artist
Tetley Family created the Tea Empire - see Framlington Story
Mary Emily Dibdin Worked for Rev.W.T.Jones

Details of  connection with Jones Family