Joan Mary Welburn
Formally: Joan Mary Guise
Maiden name: Joan Mary Dibdin
L.R.A.M. A.R.C.M.
23rd January 1920  -  19th December 2008

During the 24 years on her own, she not only kept up the world of self sufficiency but also returned to painting and enjoyed much, the art lessons at the local secondary school. When unfortunately, the teacher became seriously ill with rheumatoid arthritis, Joan struck up quite a relationship with the lady, Penny, and was of some help to her ferrying her about to hospital appointments and so on.

Although living the life of a recluse, she always became committed to helping people out when the circumstance demanded and when she saw clearly what the need was. Her friend, Jean, in Featherstone on many occasions had reason to call on her and Joan did much to help sort things out when she died. When in London during the time of serious difficulties with illness in our family, she was relied on then to look after the youngsters and ferry about in the car. Dealing with difficulties and handling emergencies was a major strength. 
She occasionally travelled far a field to visit and although quite frail managed to go to Samantha’s and Genevieve’s weddings in York and London in 1998 and to the funeral of Paul, Joanna’s father in York in 1999. A few years before this she had gone to the south coast for a week to stay with Helen and John Davis. Gunshole Farm was always open house for visitors and over the years many members of the family and friends from the days in London came to stay.