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The Dibdin Family 

One Line and Relations

Introductory Notes



Initially, exploring family history is like being at  the edge of a forest looking at one tree. One can look at the details of a few individuals and their relationships through branches and roots but as the information is amassed, it becomes like being within the forest with everything intertwined. The excitement increases as the connections beyond a given family are explored and personalities and events are seen in a wider context. Web Pages offer the ability to link information and edit it quickly and the internet in general acts as a resource and vehicle for communication.
I feel sure that our ancestors would have been greatly in favour of what the technology has to offer.  

The last three centuries have seen amazing events and changes and it is enthralling to find out how members of one's family have been evolved. 

As one runs down the branch from Charles Dibdin following one particular line one can easily be impressed by the creative talent demonstrated and historical connections. Writers, Dramatists, Painters, Engineers and Scientists, Designers and Musicians in one line but then at each branching there has been introduced other families with more talents and histories. 
For four generations the Dibdin family had strong ties to the countryside of  Surrey.
T.C.Dibdin lived in Betchworth, and produced  paintings of local buildings and landscapes, W.J.Dibin lived and worked in the area and L.A.Dibdin bought and developed estates in Banstead, Betchworth, and Dorking including, just before he died,  Camilla Lacey next to Box Hill.

The creativity and enterprise of these people was matched by that of members of the families they married into. These include such as Aglio, Montford, Haycraft and more recently, Guise, Fleuss, Rowntree, Begg and Marshall. The story expands nearly beyond manageable dimensions as one follows the branches or roots of the most recent family relationships.

This site, with the help of links to elsewhere on the World Wide Web, endeavors to portray with some degree of accuracy something about this family.

Thanks are given to Simon Dibdin and Mary Bole who have collected an immense amount of information and material and made it available.

Other connection has be made with the Jones - Tetley Family through the work of Michael Blow whose research started in Framlington.

The Family tree, that goes back to three generations before Charles Dibdin, derived from the work of Lewis George Dibdin who passed it on to Lionel Aglio Dibdin and Robert Charles Dibdin. It has now been computerised by Simon Dibdin. Thanks to all.

The Dibdin History is now part of a large site containing details of a number of interrelated Families - 

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