Article from Eketahuna Express in 1912
 at the time of the civic reception for 
Sam Begg


Document relating to 
Samuel Begg 

Eketahuna Express, Tuesday 26th March 1912.

A Distinguished Visitor Entertained.

The visit to Eketahuma of Mr. Samuel Begg, a distinguished artist on the staff of the Illustrated London News was taken advantage of by the Scandinavian pioneer settlers of the district who entertained him at a function at Cripps Commercial House on Saturday evening in honour of the part he played among them in the early seventies when associated with a government department.

There was a good attendance with settlers from Mauriceville, Hartwell, and various parts of the district, the majority of whom exceeded 60 years of age.

After full justice had been done to a repast, served up by host Cripps in hiss best style the Mayor who occupied the chair, proposed the toast to the King which was drunk with musical honours.

Mr. J. Jagerhorn, in proposing the toast of our ‘guest’ referred feelingly to the part played by Mr Begg among the Scandinavian settlers when he was a mere strapling. Mr. Begg was looked upon as a good genius of the settlement and those in distress or trouble invariably went to him for advice and came away relieved. It gave the old residents the greatest pleasure to welcome him back in their midst and his presence would no doubt recall memories connected with those early pioneering days and from which had sprung the history of the forty mile bush. The Scandinavians always proved successful colonists in English speaking countries. They were proud of being British subjects and were fond of their adopted countries and could always be relied upon to do their best in defence of its shores. In concluding, Mr. Jagerhorn stated that during the past forty years the rname of Mr Begg had been kept green among them and the earnest wish of his old associates was that he and his good wife would long retain their health and that he would still further advance in the honourable profession that he had taken up.

The toast was drunk to the accompaniment of ‘For he's a jolly good fellow’ etc.

In responding, Mr. Begg said that it gave him the utmost satisfaction and pleasure to again press the hands of old friends some of the happiest times of his life had been spent among them and he greatly cherished their friendship. There was a vast difference between then and now and he was exceedingly pleased to know that majority of the settlers had prospered despite the difficulties which had confronted them when they first arrived in the country. He concluded by thanking them cordially for the kind reception accorded him.

The army and navy were proposed by Mr. N. Nelson and responded to by Mr.A.H. Herbert

In proposing the toast of the ‘pioneer settlers’ the Mayor referred to the important part played by the Scandinavians in settling the forty mile bush and bring it to its present prosperous state. They were a thrifty hard working race and deserved all the prosperity that had come their way.

Those assembled should be exceedingly pleased to have in their company one who had helped form the roads and settled the district. Mr. Begg had left them and entered a new sphere in which he had come to the front and not one would grudge him his success. The toast was responded to by Mr. Anderson and Mr. Svenson.

Other toasts were ‘the departed pioneers’ proposed by Mr. Jagerhorn, ‘Mr. Begg and his family’ by Mr. Vile, ‘The ladies’ proposed by Mr. Begg. The Mayor, proposed by Mr. Jagerhorn. ‘The press and the host and hostess’ by Mr.H.Aulin.

During the evening songs were contributed by Messrs A Olsen and Anders Anderson

Saturday 16th March 1912. Eketahuna Express.

Re-Union after Forty Years.


Mr. Sam Begg, the well known black and white artist of the Illustrated London News is now visiting his relatives at Napier. Having come to New Zealand from India where he attended the Durbar.

Mr Begg was in the early seventies assistant engineer to Mr.A.Munro who laid off the Opaki-Manawatu Road through the forty mile bushand was in charge of the Scandinavian settlement.

Mr Begg was a very great favourite amongst the settlers and to show that they have still kept his memory green they have invited him to pay a visit to Eketahuna betore returning to England. Mr. Begg has intimated, that he will with his wife and daughter visit . Eketahuna on 23 inst. and stay a few days in town}. The old settlers intend to celebrate the occasion by a re-union. Mr Begg while in Eketahuna will be the guest of the mayor

Tuesday 26th March. 1912 Eketahuna Express.

Mr. Begg who was entertained in Eketahuna on Saturday evening by the pioneer settlers is the artist who produced that memorable picture of Mark Twain shaking hands with the late King Edward on being introduced to him at a garden party instead of kissing the royal hand, an event which produced considerable comment and which it was contended purposely conceived to mark the independence of the Americans.

Tuesday 26th March. 1912 Eketahuna Express.

Sam Begg has promised to present an original sketch to the Eketahuna Public Library as a momento of his visit to the town.