Begg, Samuel, of London, the eldest son of Agnes Warrand Wilson and, Samuel Begg, of New Zealand was born in London, on 19 March, 1854 and was privately educated. In 1884 he went to Julian's Studio in Paris to study art, and in 1896 joined the staff of the Illustrated London News. 

He is now one of the best known black and white artists in London and acts as special artist of the Illustrated London News in connection with the principal events in all parts of the world. He accompanied the Prince and Princess of Wales during their tour through India in the cold weather of 1905-6, was present at the wedding of Queen Victoria Eugenie in Madrid in 1906, and at the funeral of King Carlos in Lisbon in 1908. On 26 April, 1893, he married Ada (born 8 April, 1868), daughter of Richard Wood Nelson, of H.M. Civil Service, London. Mr. Begg's leisure time is spent in golf, and in the drawing of landscapes in water colour. He resides at 23, Fairfax Road, Bedford Park, London , and is a member of the Savage Club and of the Acton Golf Club. There is one child of the marriage ; see Begg, Mary.

Sam Begg in Ezetahuna New Zealand
where he worked for a while.